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The Opposite of Me

So I’m down here in Florida visiting my mom and one of my favorite things to do while I’m here, besides get awkward tan lines, is read.   It starts at the airport where I mentally check out (let’s be honest, I’m almost always checked out) and I begin VACATION MODE.  Nothing is better than reading by the pool.  As I waited for my flight to board, I started to read this book I randomly bought called The Opposite of Me, by Sarah Pekkanen.

Fraternal twin sisters, Alex and Lindsey, are nothing alike.  Alex is a beautiful and famous model whom everything comes easily to and Lindsey is her homely workaholic sister who tries to be smarter and better than everyone to make up for her not being “the beautiful twin.”  Lindsey is the narrator of this book.  She is smart and witty and bitter – at her sister.  Lindsey works 70-hour weeks in the creative department at an NYC ad agency trying her hardest to one day run the place.  Her social life is non-existent but it doesn’t matter because her professional life is going right on track until something horrible and unexpected happens and completely throws her for a loop.  Lindsey moves back home to Bethesda, Maryland, her hometown, and also the current city where her sister lives with her perfect fiance. Without giving too much away, Lindsey struggles to find meaning in her life after work has been taken out of the picture.  She is forced to deal with her overbearing yet quirky parents, her oldest friend Bradley whom she thinks she might have feelings for, and her sister whom she can never live up to.  Lindsey stumbles through her journey to find herself for the first time in her life.  She meets new people who teach her who she really is and who help her find her own beauty.  She even learns a thing or two about the sister who isn’t as perfect as she seems.

This book was particularly interesting to me because of the sibling rivalry these twins have.  Although my sister and I are identical and incredibly similar, we are in constant battle with each other to find our differences.  She’s known as the smarter more focused twin and people say I’m funnier and the best.  I’m just kidding.  My sister’s also more violent so maybe I should stop talking.  There’s never really a battle over beauty because we are identical.  That would be stupid.  It’s a relationship that I can never fully grasp, but I try to by reading all these books.  The Opposite of Me gives a glimpse into the strange and mysterious bond between twins.

The two days it took me to read this book went way too fast!  A perfect vacation read.


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Amazon is my Therapist.

This is the exact email that Amazon sent me this morning with recommendations of some books I might like.  Do I have some issues I wasn’t aware of?  Enjoy!


Dear Amazon.com Customer,

As someone who has purchased or rated One and the Same: My Life as an Identical Twin and What I’ve Learned About Everyone’s Struggle to Be Singular by Abigail Pogrebin or other books in the Family Relationships > Siblings category, you might like to know that Mom Still Likes You Best: The Unfinished Business Between Siblings will be released on May 4, 2010.  You can pre-order yours at a savings of $8.48 by following the link below.

Mom Still Likes You Best: The Unfinished Business Between  Siblings Mom Still Likes You Best: The Unfinished Business Between Siblings
Jane Isay

List Price: $24.95
Price: $16.47
You Save: $8.48 (34%)

Release Date: May 4, 2010

Other Versions and Languages
Kindle Edition (Kindle Book)
Audio CD (Audiobook,MP3 Audio,Unabridged)
Pre-order now!

Product Description
The author of Walking on Eggshells turns her wisdom to the sometimes heartbreaking but always meaningful bond between brothers and  sisters—a  must-read for anyone blessed with the gift (or burden) of a sibling.

There’s a myth out there that good relations between brothers and sisters do not include conflict, annoyance, disagreement, or mixed feelings. Isay believes this is a destructive myth, one that makes people doubt the strength of the connection with their siblings. Brothers and sisters may love and hate, fight and forgive, but they never forget their early bonds.

Based on scores of interviews with brothers and sisters young and old, Mom Still Likes You Best features real-life stories that show how differences caused by family feuds, marriages, distance, or ancient history can be overcome. The result is a vivid portrait of siblings, in love and war.

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I guess books are cheaper than therapy?

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The Future is Revealed.

Found this on FFFFOUND! Is this what my twin sister and I have to look forward to?

Yikes.  I’m throwing out everything I own that is leopard.


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