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Feliz Tacos Everybody

On Friday night, I celebrated my friend Melanie’s birthday at a restaurant called Los Feliz on the lower east side. It’s famous for their tacos and over 150 Tequilas.  Yep, I said 150 Tequilas.  Who knew there were so many ways to make me throw up?

Aside from the fact that we had to wait 45 minutes for our RESERVATION, it was a pretty cool place.  They have a menu of margaritas which is the only drink that allows me to ingest tequila without it coming back up.  They had one called “The Freshest” which was a classic margarita with lime juice added to it.  It was great! We got a few pitchers of those and we were feeling fineeee. The guacamole and chips appetizer was killer and the chips were the saltiest most delicious things I’ve had in so long.  Who needs salt on the rim of your glass when you have these chips?

I picked the Carne Asada Tacos (the menu on their website is different from the one at the restaurant) and they were fabulous.  I have something against hard tacos, probably because they break all over you after the first bite and you look disgusting while eating them.  Luckily these were all soft tacos so I was a big fan. We also tried their Yuca Fries which came with some sort of spicy dipping sauce that made me sweat but in a good way.

Here are some pictures of the group…

Allison and my sister, Zoe. (Paige is here but not pictured! Hi Paige)

Joseph (Melanie’s hairdresser hahaha), Erika and Melanie the birthday girl!

Me, Michelle and Lauren.

What was fun about this place was that it was 3 levels.  The first was a bar and some tables, the lower level was another bar and more tables (I love more bars) and the lowest level was another bar (!) and a dance floor!  I expected it to be wall to wall with people salsa dancing, but it turned out to be filled with Asians doing the robot which I think I liked better.

Los Feliz is definitely a place I would go back to in the future for tacos and some margarita induced robot dancing!

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Mustache Sally…oh wait, it’s mustang.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something I find hysterical and charming about mustaches.  Not necessarily on people’s faces, women included, but mustaches as an accessory.  Lately on my stalking of the world wide web, I have been stumbling upon some mustache themed things that bring a smile to my face.  As friends of mine know, I think mustaches are awesome.  If I ever got a tattoo it would be a mustache on my pointer finger.  Silly, I know.  But it would always give me a way to make people laugh, which really, is the best thing ever.  Here is proof of my love of mustaches.

Blonde me is on the right.  This was for a holiday themed mixer in college so I dressed up as “Cinco de Mayo.”  I may have been stereotyping a little as I was dressed as a Mexican, but karma did come back and bite me in the ass as my night of reckless drinking came to an end with me sharing a toilet with, we will call her “Christmas Morning,” as we took turns puking.  Ay Tequila! My homemade poncho was forever ruined.

Aside from this fond memory, I am also loving these mustache themed things.

Mustache necklace seen on Supermarket as well as The Frisky.

Dog toy seen on ModCloth.

Ring seen on Supermarket.

The last one kind of reminds me a little of Hitler so I probably won’t be buying it, but mustaches in general are great.  Not dictators.  The end.

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