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Dumpster Diving

This was definitely something I didn’t expect to see while walking on Park Avenue yesterday:

A pool made out of a dumpster!

To read the article in the NYTimes click here.

More importantly, here are my thoughts.  When I think of dumpster pools, I think of dumpster diving and the episode of Oprah that featured the people who stalked local dumpsters for 3 day old food and slightly damaged items in order to score a great deal.  That scared me , but these new dumpster pools seem alright.  Although the NYTimes article makes these pools seem pretty big, in real life they look like hot tubs set up in the middle of the street.  If you look in the picture above, the tube takes up almost half the width of the pool!

I think it’s a great attempt to cool down the city during this terribly hot summer, but seeing as there are only 3 of these pools and they fit about 10 people standing, not swimming, at a time, it’s going to take a lot more pools to save us from the heat.

The best part about the pools weren’t the pools, but the lounging area around the pools.  Who doesn’t love a good hammock??  Now these were a good idea! What’s better than canoodling in a hammock as a group of 50 German tourists stop to take your picture?

In all seriousness though, it’s nice to see some activity happening on this part of the street (Park between 40th and 41st.) It’s a fun idea and I think the people in the area will really enjoy the change of scenery. Just don’t pee in the pools!


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All in favor of a 4 day work week raise your hand.

I was so busy having fun this weekend that I didn’t post anything for you all to read!  Not that you were sitting by your computers reading blogs or anything.  I’m sure you all were at the Jersey Shore, barbequing with family and friends, slammin back hot dogs, tanning by some body of water or in a park if you live in the city.  Way too busy to be glued to your computer.  I can’t wait to tell you everything I did this weekend.  It was such a blast.

Friday I went to the Intrepid Summer Movie Series to watch Top Gun on the deck.  I had never done this before, but apparently a lot of people knew about it, and for good reason.  It was so much fun!

That’s a big boat! How cool is this!

That’s a big line!

The view made the wait much more bearable.

As we climbed the stairs with the masses of people, I never thought we’d get to the top.  It was very obvious my apartment building has an elevator, hence my wheezing.  When we got to the top deck, we raced to find the perfect spot for viewing.  Bank of American sponsored the event so they gave out these padded mats so that your butt didn’t fall asleep during the movie.  So thoughtful! We spread out our blankets and jealously watched as some people set up awesome foldy chairs.  Next time, we bring chairs!

Me and my friend Alex waiting for the movie to begin.

Never to be without snacks, my mother raised me well, I bought us chips, popcorn, and cookies!  Combine that with the white wine and vodka with smuggled in and I’d say our dinner was pretty perfect.  It’s pretty crazy to think you are sitting on this massive ship watching Tom Cruise when he wasn’t the worst person on the face of the planet with the New York skyline to your back and the water in front of you.

The view was gorgeous.  Especially this view:

A tramp stamp of the New York City Skyline complete with Lady Liberty herself!  Thanks for sitting right in front of me!  But otherwise the view was just:


You know what else was beautiful?  Going to the Shake Shack twice this weekend.  I’m not sure how people picture heaven, but mine might look like this.  Especially since this picture has been photoshopped, as there is NO LINE.  IMPOSSIBLE!

Is this not what the big house upstairs should look like? Full of these delicious babies known as the Shack Burger?

It’s a cheese burger with this special sauce on it and it is out of this world good.  Get an order of fries too and you won’t be sorry!  I’m a Jewish girl so a shake with a burger just doesn’t seem kosher, but for those who can stomach it, DO IT. (Don’t mind my cheeseburger.)

Other momentous points of me weekend included getting a bit of a tan and BUYING A LAMP FOR MY BEDROOM FINALLY!

For friends and family who know me and my undying search for a lamp for the left side of my bed, the quest is now over.  Alert the media! I found this adorable white lamp at Home Depot and it was even on sale! Be still my sale loving heart.  Now my OCD self can rest easy knowing that the two sides of my bed are equally anchored with lamps.

It’s like a little lamp puppy it’s just so cute.  Love.  Now what else can I fixate on and annoy everyone about?   A headboard maybe?  🙂

So that was a brief synopsis of the highlights of my weekend.  I hope everyone had a good one too!

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