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Sake for Everyone!

So my Saturday night was pretty wild!

Just kidding!  Although I wasn’t a naked sushi buffet, my night did include sushi.

Saturday night was girls night, so a bunch of friends and I got all snazzed up and went to Azuki, a sushi place on 19th and Park Ave South.  This is not your ordinary sushi place.  First off, when we walked up to the place, people were spilling out of the place it was so busy.  You always know that a restaurant’s got something going right when you can’t get in without a reservation, no matter what night of the week it is.  What does Azuki have going for it?  FREE SAKE.  I’m not even kidding, guys.  I would be the worst person ever if I lied about something as amazing as free sake.  The deal is this:  Make the $15 dollar minimum per person on food and you get free hot sake or white wine.  No limit.  We had 6 people in our party and we must have gone through at least twelve or so bottles of sake.  Us ladies can drink!

The dance music was pumping throughout the incredibly narrow and dimly lit place.  There is nothing better than oontz oontzing while slamming back sake and playing air drums with your chopsticks.  The crowd was young and trendy and the service was fast and efficient.  They even accommodate large parties of 25 people. If I had that many friends, that would be a really fun birthday celebration. 🙂 I think my favorite part of Azuki was the fact that they had spicy scallop rolls on their menu.  I freakin’ LOVE scallop.  I don’t know what it is about scallop, but I just love the texture and taste. It kinda reminds me of a tongue which is really weird. I make it sound really unappetizing, but I promise it’s so good.  I would never steer you wrong. I seek it out in sushi restaurants all over Manhattan.  So now that I know this place is fun, has free sake and scallop sushi, I will be all over this restaurant like white on rice.

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