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Love me some Skinnies!

I woke up this morning like every other morning.  Showered.  Blow dried my hair while watching The Today Show.  Checked the weather.  Forgot my umbrella.  Stood at my closet staring into space.  Couldn’t find anything to wear.  Then I remembered my new Hue Skinny leggings that I bought at Nordstroms. Wearing bottoms is half the battle!

A friend of mine suggested I try a pair of Hue Leggings since my other leggings look like they’ve been attacked by dogs.  If clothes can make you a nicer person, these leggings can.  Who knew you could be so comfortable!  I’m sorry I ever complained about my old leggings and how they sometimes gave me camel toe.  I can be such a whiner sometimes!  Goodbye leggings with holes in them!  Don’t want to be looking like a homeless Jap! These new leggings are the perfect weight material that you still feel like you’re wearing clothes, but you’re not wearing thermal underwear.  AND when you bend over, you can only kind of see your thong!  This should never really be a problem since one major rule of leggings is that you top should always cover your butt.  These leggings even have a bit of a lamé finish so they make your legs look extra sleek and nice!  They run pretty long on me (says the girl who is 5’2”) but I  just roll them under a little so they hit at the ankle and don’t bunch.

So now I’m sitting Indian style on my office chair, awaiting pizza Friday, thinking how thankful I am to be wearing an elastic waistband.

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