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I’m instating a new policy in which we play Madonna over the PA system at all hours, everyday.

Boy do I wish we could blast Madonna from the intercom at my office, but more importantly, let’s talk about “Glee” last night.  Was it not amazing??  They have been hyping this episode for months now and I’m not going to go as far as to say it was everything I had dreamed about and more, but it was definitely a good episode.  A couple songs were even Ipod playlist worthy.  I made sure to text my roommate during each one I liked with a text only reading “downloading.”  Aside from Sue’s hilarious jokes about Will’s hair, I also loved the 3 parallel stories of characters losing their virginity.  Each was as awkward/romantic/awkward as it should be.  I think my favorite part was when Rachel and Finn were singing a duet around the piano, just spinning and spinning and spinning, making me almost throw up my dinner.   I don’t even love Madonna that much, (please don’t hurt me for saying that) but I think they did a great job making her songs seem brand new.  They even gave Kurt a couple solos which are my favorite because his voice is so high only dogs should be able to hear it.  And Mercedes…she’s just fantastic.  The pipes on her are crazy!  Super jealous.  I also wish the cone bras would come back in style because maybe then I would actually fill out my shirts. 🙂

Is it cold in here or is it just me?

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