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This look: Please die.

While getting dressed this morning, I decided I was feeling a skirt.  Now the issue with wearing a skirt is that I have to wear tights.  Seeing as  it isn’t warm enough outside yet and my legs haven’t seen sunlight except for the 1 minute during my last trip to Florida, bare legs are a no go. Now it was going to be close to 60 degrees today so I didn’t want to suffocate in opaque tights, so I decided to wear sheers.  I went for the $2 ones I picked up at Duane Reade just to try them out, but as I opened the package, the tights caught on my freakishly dry cuticles and they ripped.  I thought it didn’t seem so noticeable so I tried to put them on and ripped them again.  It was a tights disaster. I looked like I was mauled by a kitten.  I threw those tights in the trash where they belong! Take that!  So I dug in my drawer and found some sheer chiffon nude tights which looked a little pale for my liking but I tried them on and to no surprise of mine, they were REALLY pale!  I hoped that maybe people wouldn’t think that my legs were in fact this pale, but as I came to work, people were like “No tights?” so I guess my assumptions were wrong.  Sad face!  As I was walking to work, totally self conscious that my legs looked super pale, (as I later found out they did), I noticed how many other women were wearing tights and then I realized a pet peeve of mine.  Tights with sneakers. I’m not talking about these kind of sneakers and tights.

I actually love this look.  I would rock this look if jean shorts fit me well and I didn’t donate my converse with laces to Goodwill like an idiot.  I also did that with my Minnetonka Moccasins that are back  in style again, but that’s a whole other rant.

I mean this look:

And these sneakers aren’t even the worst.  Picture orthopedic shoes. Luckily I couldn’t find worse pictures online of these shoes with tights clad legs in them, but maybe I’m just bad at searching.  I just can’t stand this look.  Even if you are 25 years old wearing this look, you automatically look 70.  Just get some dentures to complete the look.   I know that stores make cute flats that are comfortable, easy to walk in and are not that expensive. Open your eyes ladies!

I have these in black patent and I love them.  They sell them at Steve Madden stores, Nordstroms, DSW, you name it.   Light, inexpensive, and cute right?

Let’s ban tights and ugly sneakers forever!!  Who’s with me!?!

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