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This look: Please die.

While getting dressed this morning, I decided I was feeling a skirt.  Now the issue with wearing a skirt is that I have to wear tights.  Seeing as  it isn’t warm enough outside yet and my legs haven’t seen sunlight except for the 1 minute during my last trip to Florida, bare legs are a no go. Now it was going to be close to 60 degrees today so I didn’t want to suffocate in opaque tights, so I decided to wear sheers.  I went for the $2 ones I picked up at Duane Reade just to try them out, but as I opened the package, the tights caught on my freakishly dry cuticles and they ripped.  I thought it didn’t seem so noticeable so I tried to put them on and ripped them again.  It was a tights disaster. I looked like I was mauled by a kitten.  I threw those tights in the trash where they belong! Take that!  So I dug in my drawer and found some sheer chiffon nude tights which looked a little pale for my liking but I tried them on and to no surprise of mine, they were REALLY pale!  I hoped that maybe people wouldn’t think that my legs were in fact this pale, but as I came to work, people were like “No tights?” so I guess my assumptions were wrong.  Sad face!  As I was walking to work, totally self conscious that my legs looked super pale, (as I later found out they did), I noticed how many other women were wearing tights and then I realized a pet peeve of mine.  Tights with sneakers. I’m not talking about these kind of sneakers and tights.

I actually love this look.  I would rock this look if jean shorts fit me well and I didn’t donate my converse with laces to Goodwill like an idiot.  I also did that with my Minnetonka Moccasins that are back  in style again, but that’s a whole other rant.

I mean this look:

And these sneakers aren’t even the worst.  Picture orthopedic shoes. Luckily I couldn’t find worse pictures online of these shoes with tights clad legs in them, but maybe I’m just bad at searching.  I just can’t stand this look.  Even if you are 25 years old wearing this look, you automatically look 70.  Just get some dentures to complete the look.   I know that stores make cute flats that are comfortable, easy to walk in and are not that expensive. Open your eyes ladies!

I have these in black patent and I love them.  They sell them at Steve Madden stores, Nordstroms, DSW, you name it.   Light, inexpensive, and cute right?

Let’s ban tights and ugly sneakers forever!!  Who’s with me!?!


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Braid Madness!

They are everywhere.  All over the place.  Everyplace you look.  On people! I’m not talking about germs. (Chill out guys, the Swine Flu epidemic is over.)  I’m talking about braids!  The newest trend to hit runways and the streets!  I am totally digging them.  I’ve worn one for the past 2 days!  I love ruts.  Here’s to starting one.  Visuals. Bam.

The messy side braid.

What I have found to be the easiest and least fussy of all the braids.  Side part your hair. Pull your hair around to the front on the side your hair is not parted on.  Braid it loosely.  It’s as simple as that.  Even if you suck at braiding, it’ okay!  It’s almost supposed to look like that!  It’s relaxed, chic and most important of all, comfortable.  Even though I have curly hair, it still looks good. (I think.)  For those of you who have very curly hair, I’d suggest pulling a straightening iron through it to relax it and then going to town.  Also, a nice touch is to make sure the end of your braid is straight and then play with it with your fingers until it is a little curled.  It looks mighty cute!  Although my neck is the opposite of giraffe-like seen above, yet I still think the style works. Give it a whirl! I know you’ll love it!

Here are my two best girl friends wearing the style that I attempted this morning.  Unlike them, or their styelists, let’s be real, I have NO CLUE how to french braid.  Getting the braid to start at the root never works out for me but i gave it a shot.  And I missed. Annie do not get your gun. I’m wearing this look today, but my braid starts a little further from the part. I tried.  Give me a little credit here.  I’ve found that braiding at the crown is also pretty great at taming frizz.  So is a flat iron.  The combination of the two is pretty stellar.  If you are a person who wears their hair the same style every day, down, like me, give this look a try.  If it doesn’t look good, then don’t wear it, but at least you can’t say you never tried.

Speaking of never try.

I’m just not a huge fan of this look where the braid wraps tightly around your head. It kind of reminds me too much of her.

Is that weird?  I just think the braided look should be kept minimal.  Loose and flowy.  Not too tight like it could cut off blood circulation to the brain.  We need our brains.  They are good to us.  In this case, pain is not beauty.  Maybe when plucking your eyebrows, getting your hair blown out or getting your lady parts waxed, but not braids.  Braids are gentle.  Like butterfly kisses.


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I love loving things.

Last night I got a mani/pedi in preparation for my trip to Florida on Thursday, now today, since I changed my flight due to weather. It was such a pain.  Called Jet-Blue and waited on hold for an hour and a half before my angel, Pam at Jet-Blue, helped a sister out.  She got me a flight a day early with no fee!  I must have done some good things in my life to get this reward.  Karma can be a bitch, but it can also be the best! You know what else is the best? Pam is the best!  But let’s talk about more important things like my nails.  Check out the fun color I got!

It’s called Parlez-vous OPI, by you guessed it, OPI. I wanted to go for something a little crazy but not crazy enough that it would start making me bite my nails again like I used to.  That was a bad time in my life and my nails looked REALLY bad. If I can see the white part I want to bite it off.  I don’t know how it started, but at least I stopped eating them? The chomping really gets on people’s nerves, but I just do it sometimes.  It’s weird, but does it surprise you that I do it? Anyway, colorwise I usually go with a more neutral color to show fewer chips or a fun red because it makes me feel like a hot tamale, but I think the purple is really fun! Quirky, like moi.

After my “me time” at the nail place, I went home and watched American Idol.  It’s finally getting to the good part!  It is now down to the top 12 girls and top 12 guys.  Last night the girls performed and I must say, they were just okay.  I expected a lot better.  Especially because Simon expected them to be a lot better. Things that I did like about the show were the good singers and Ellen Degeneres, another one of my favorite things.

She is my most favorite lesbian. A close second is obviously Portia de Rossi because she is gorg.  I think Ellen has the best sense of humor, awesome style, and she’s super successful.  I also love how she always wears sneakers.  I envy that.  She is many inches taller than me, so the height issue is never her problem, but I love that she can be casual cool wearing converse and no one says a word. Well, not that I hear.  One of my other favorite things are my converse sneakers.  Especially the laceless ones!  They are perfect for lazy people like me!  Just slip ’em on and go!

I have them in black as well as beige (so I can match different outfits) and when I wear them I look just as sophisticated as this guy, looking off into the distance, mysteriously.

Another thing I can’t live without: my watch.  It’s big, badass and beautiful.

I always get so many compliments on it and it wasn’t that expensive!  Actually, I didn’t even pay for it.  AND it’s a Swatch watch!  Who doesn’t have fond memories of those flimsy plastic watches in all those amazing designs! It was a gift from my sister as a “congratulations, you finally got a job!”  She told me that people with jobs need to know what time it is.  Valid point! I’m not a huge jewelry person (except for earrings, I always wear earrings) but this watch is a staple in my wardrobe.  It says am I sophisticated and trendy, yet I got some bling bling up in this club, boy!  Isn’t that what we all look for in a watch?

I’ll be in Florida for the next 5 days (holy cow! a real vacation) so I’m not sure how often I will post, but if I feel an inkling, then I definitely will! So look out for my inkling.

Peace out, guys.


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