Good Eats


**Not my actual meal**

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day so as tradition goes, I went out for oysters and beers.  Wait.  That’s not the tradition?  Well it should be!  As my work day neared its’ end, and my Irish Coffee whiskey buzz was fading, I contemplated what to do to celebrate this oh so festive holiday.  I assumed there would be drinking involved, but the oysters were a welcome surprise.  We ended up wandering around the city to one of my favorite little places in the East Village called Fish.  I originally was told about this place by my cousin who I look to for all my restaurant recommendations.  He lives his life through his stomach and I totally admire that.  He told me about this special that they have (not on the menu on their website) called the Red, White and Blue. It consists of 8 raw oysters served with either a glass of red or white wine or a Pabst Blue Ribbon.  What a great deal in the city! I’ve paid 8 dollars for just a beer!  It’s not enough food to fill my man sized stomach so I would suggest sharing the Lobster Mac and Cheese with someone. It’s a kosher Jew’s worst nightmare.  Shellfish, cheese, oy!

Fish isn’t a huge space, so I’ve had to wait to get a table, but it’s worth it. If you go with a date and it’s as nice as it was out yesterday, you could even sit at the two little seats outside! Fun!

The waitress mentioned a special that made my jaw drop.  Beer soaked Crab Feast or something like that.  I asked her how involved it was to eat and she said they have to cover the table with newspaper, so I decided I’d have to tackle that another time.  Preferably a day when I’m with a family member and wearing a pre-stained shirt so that no matter how much crab is on my face and my clothes, they will still have to love me.



During Restaurant Week I went to August down in Greenwich Village.  Such a cute area to walk around in.  Wish it wasn’t so cold when I went! Anyway, the restaurant space is adorable, not very wide, but deep.  When you first walk in, you must walk through tables to get to the hostess and bar area.  The hostess was really rude and unaccommodating, but the food was too good to not go back.  Past the bar was this cozy little back atrium room that was dimly lit at night, but is probably a blast to sit in during the day.  The whole place just had a great vibe to it.  Unfortunately, we sat at the worst table in the joint (just my luck) literally in the window next to the front door and there was no ambiance to it.  It had a very strange layout for 3 people, but I’m telling you, the food made up for it.

Let’s begin. Obviously we started with a nice bottle of red wine.  Nothing warms you up on a chilly night like a bottle of wine…or a man, but we are talking about my life here so we’ll stick to talking about wine. 😉  For appetizers we had the choice between a Bean Soup or Braised Bacon.  Is there even a question what I ordered? So the bacon was fabulous.  It had the most delicious smokey flavor. MMmmm.  I could eat that every day!  I would die early, but  it would be so worth it.  My friends got the bean soup, which was also very good.  I’m not a huge soup fan.  For my main dish, I got lamb shoulder served.  Lamb is seriously one of my favorite meats.  MMboy.  It was kind of stewed with pasta in it and it was also served with spicy peppers which I could not tolerate.  I tried so hard, but it lead to crying so I had to stop.  I love spicy foods, but I was too weak for these suckers.  Another dish that I must mention was the Skate Wing.  Delish.  We also got a side of Pommes Frites served with smokey mayo.  It seemed to be the theme of August, Smokey.  Don’t mess with what works.  I love any place that serves fries with mayo.  I am so sophisticated, oh yeah.   For dessert, we all got the same thing.  Butterscotch Bread Pudding.  The waitress told us we’d “be jealous of the other person if we ordered anything else.”  She was so right!  It tasted like my dreams.

Going back ASAP!  I’ll be sitting in the back this time, though.  Hopefully the hostess got canned. 🙂


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