I’m Alexa.

This blog started as an attempt to not be a loser.  After realizing that the working world had made me boring, I decided to start this blog as a daily diary of the goings on in my life.  So here I am, a 25 year-old wannabe beat boxer/steel drum player trapped in a office job and always looking for something exciting to do.  Born and raised by two major food fanatics, I am slowly but surely eating my way through life.  As an identical twin, I’ve always been used to sharing.  My room, my toys, my thoughts, my bowel movements, so putting it all on the web sounded like the perfect jump.  I am a chronic over-sharer, a heart on my sleeve kinda gal.  I am a single woman living in New York City who is uncharacteristically optimistic about spending all my money on rent.  I believe in fate and whatever happens, happens for a reason.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get mad on occasion, but I never get even.  My family, my friends, good food and writing this blog are just some of the ways I cope with life.

If you would like me to write about a specific topic, please email me at AMS517@gmail.com.

If you’d like me to guest blog on your blog, please pick my jaw up off the floor and then email me at AMS517@gmail.com.

If for some reason you’d like to be a guest blogger on my blog, email me at AMS517@gmail.com


2 responses to “About

  1. Twana

    I didn’t know you had a blog!! awesome! I stumbled across it while reading twitter. I have been thinking about starting one for the longest!!!! hope your doing well! Krystal and I never did get our kuegal!(is that how you spell it?)

  2. I am your freaking Uncle.

    You are a clever one.
    How are you and your other (zygote ) half doing.
    Auntie and I are always thinking of you(se).
    I accidentally watched Rachel Ray (Auntie tapes it and traps into watching-when “Rachie” giggles, I really want to smash her face in).
    Anyway, she recently had some piggies on who, between them, lost a train (now they can do something about being ugly). They attributed their weight loss to a program called the Bellyfat Diet>
    I bought a copy-let you know.
    Hang 10.
    Your Freaking Uncle

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