Wafels & Dinges

Last night, in a moment of weakness, I let my nose run wild, leading me underneath the awning of a bright yellow food truck lurking at the entrance/exit of Trader Joe’s on 14th street. Usually I see the Wafels and Dinges truck parked by Astor place as I’m coming and going from yoga, so I’m more distracted by sweating and showering  than the sweet delicious smells of freshly baked Belgian Wafels.  And no, I am not spelling Wafels wrong you Americans!  It’s what they call it in Brussels, son! Get with it!

These waffles/wafels can be either savory or sweet, depending on your dinges (pronounced ding-eez), otherwise known to us common folk as toppings.  Savory wafels can be topped with anything from bacon and syrup, to pulled pork , or chilli.  The sweeter versions can be loaded up with whipped cream, chocolate fudge, Nutella, bananas, strawberries and even this heaven-like spread called Spekuloos.

What is Spekuloos, you ask? Spekuloos spread has the consistency of peanut butter, but the amazing taste of – GINGERBREAD COOKIES!  I attempted to take a picture of my Spekuloos-ed wafel, but it looked like a waffle topped with diarhea, so I decided to steal one off of google images.

There we go.

Now go forth and find this truck, and chase it down the street if you have to, because God Dinge, if this isn’t one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten off the street, than I don’t know what is!



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