30 Things To Do Before You’re 30

Lately there has been a lot of talk about these lists of 30 things to do before you are 30 (here’s one of them).  Seeing as I am less than a month shy of turning 26, I am not too worried about reaching these goals, but I thought it might be nice to write my own list of 30 things I have done or want to do before I’m 30.

1.  Have hairless armpits. (Laser hair removal is cheap these days with Lifebooker deals!)

2.  Make $85k a year, because it’s a nice number and I work hard and deserve it.

3.  Drink 8 glasses of water a day. This is my constant struggle because I feel like I’m internally drowning.

4.  Allow yourself to be happy.  Everyone is capable of it, even me!!

5.  Read “Fifty Shades of Grey” or a book similar to it, not because it’s well-written, because it’s not, but because it’s amusing and ladies should be mentally stimulated, as well as physically!  (Erase this from your memory, Mom and Dad.)

6.  Communicate!  With your family, friends, significant others, coworkers, everyone!  Nothing feels better than being honest and open.

7.  Buy awesome shoes that you really like, even if you only wear them once, because at that moment you were SO smokin’.

8.  Just because you want a dog, doesn’t mean you should have one at this exact moment.  Having a dog is like having a hairy baby that never grows up and eats your shoes.  Make sure you are prepared.

9.  Get a shower radio and listen to it whenever your roommate isn’t sleeping.  Get out all those crazy moves you have so you don’t feel the urge to do them in public.

10. Number 9 leads me to number 10.  Live alone.  If I’m 30 and still living with a roommate, someone slap me in the face and tell me to stop re-organizing my spice cabinet. Get a life, Alexa.

11.  Go to Asia and while there, find the secret to aging.  Asians live to be about 307 years old, but somehow they look 29.

12.  Eat ice cream.  Seriously.  Whenever you get that craving, just eat it.  Life is too short to deprive yourself of things you want.  Just go to the gym the next day and don’t worry about it.

13.  Get REALLY nervous about something and then go do it.  We all have our fears, but let’s tackle at least one.  Let’s not go crazy here.

14.  Fall in love.  I can’t speak from experience here, but I hear only good things.

15.  Go to Vegas.  I’ve never done this because I hate the thought of losing money and that’s pretty much the reason you go to Vegas, to gamble, but I think that if I give myself a cap and I’m able to remember it after a night of drinking, I might be golden.

16.  Go commando on purpose.  We’ve all forgotten underwear when packing or had “an accident”after eating Indian food, but there’s got to be something thrilling about knowing that when you walk over a subway grate, you may or may not give the surrounding strangers a peek at your hoohah.

17.  Go on a cruise.  There is something so amazing and lazy about having your hotel travel WITH you.  You only have to move a muscle and you can find 9 bottomless buffets all serving sausage and sushi.

18.  Go bungee-jumping and try not to shit yourself.  JUST TRY IT.

19.  Play a team sport.  Whether it was in college or you joined a Zog Intramural team, there’s nothing like high-fiving at the end of a game and knowing that you are the weakest link, goodbye.  At least you tried!

20.  Scream in the middle of the desert.  I’ve done this once in Israel and it was mind-blowing and amazing and I will never forget how it felt.

21. Volunteer.  It feels so nice to take some time out of your day to help others and then treat yourself to a delicious lunch after. (Join New York Cares with me!) Let’s paint a school!

22. Have an immature sense of humor.  Laugh if an old person farts and doesn’t even hear it.  THAT’S FUNNY.

23.  Take a mental health day.  Maybe you call in sick and end up staying in bed all day watching HBO Go, or maybe you go food shopping at Fairway, but if that’s what you need, do it.

24.  Have your heart broken.  It proves that you can FEEL.  And move on and be better because of it.

25.  Go on a spur of the moment vacation to wherever your heart desires.  It will feel great to be spontaneous but it will be so worth it! You might need to sell your eggs in order to make up for the money you spent, but at least you will give your parents a grandkid.

26.  Weed out bad friends and cherish the good ones.  Why spend time with people who you don’t like? It’s a simple as that.

27.  Do a juice cleanse once, and never again.  It’s nice to test your willpower, but when you start getting bitchy because you miss chewing, no one wants to be around you, no matter how clear and bright your skin looks.

28.  Pamper yourself.  Get a mani/pedi when you’re feeling down or a a Brazilian wax when you’re not feeling sexy.  Maybe even a blow out or a massage when you are stressed.  There’s nothing more important than taking care of yourself.

29.  Read.  Magazines, books, blogs, whatever you can get your hands on.  All those people that live to be over 100 years old on NBC’s Smuckers Happy Birthday segment with Willard Scott say that reading has kept them sharp.  I believe it.

30.  Tell people how much they mean to you.  I tell my family and friends all the time how much I love them.  Life is too short to keep your feelings inside and who doesn’t love to hear it!


And that’s it!  Your list might be a little different…not everyone likes Brazilian waxes, but take a moment to think about what you’d like to accomplish.  It’s fun!



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  1. I am happy to let you know I have included your post in the list of young women smart enough to write 30 goals before 30 in my blog post http://bit.ly/NcUCDs

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