Under The Influence of Fitness

“Oh, sorry guys, I can’t go to dinner tonight. I’m going to the gym instead!”

Words that have never escaped my mouth.

When given the opportunity to socialize versus do anything strenuous that will involve sweat, I will always pick socialize.  Every.  Time.  But what if I didn’t have to choose?  

Some smart and saavy Manhattan ladies had the brilliant idea to open Uplift, a women only gym that offers workout classes with a boozy cocktail hour as cool-down.  One may sip on bottomless red and white wine while shmoozing with other like-minded gals who just want to eat cheeseburgers during the day and get draaank at night.  Sometimes the ladies may even get a little frisky and have unlimited whiskey!

Girl chat and wine is an unbeatable combination that is proven to elevate your mood and keep you healthy.  Who says?  I DO. Maybe also some doctors. I don’t know.

I’ll definitely have to try this place out not only for all the health benefits, but mostly because I just love drinking in spandex.


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