Hurricane Aftermath

As I sit here assessing the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, all I can see is destruction.  Outside it is rain-soaked and quiet, eerily so for a usually busy Manhattan neighborhood, but inside, inside my stomach that is, there has been tragedy of heavy proportions.  Let me explain.  You see, when I attended college at the University of Miami, the months of August and September were “Hurricane season” otherwise known as PARTY TIME!  When school closed down in preparation for these storms, students would flock to grocery stores to stock up on essential supplies such as cases of beer and wine, chips, dips, cookies, candy and anything slightly unhealthy, because the world might end, you know?  “Celebrate we will. Because life is short but sweet for certain.” Anyone who recognizes that Dave Matthews quotes knows I smoked a lot of pot in college.  Fast forward to present day and completely drug-free (Hi mom and dad!), my body goes into immediate hurricane-mode. Once the news says to stay inside, a giant vacuum from within me begins to attack any carbohydrate and sweet located in my vicinity.  Pasta, cookies, ice cream, popcorn.  No Oreo is safe.

The morning after, as weathermen and women are out on the streets assessing the damage of Hurricane Irene, I sit here watching the movie Se7en with my stomach hanging over my pants (mind you, they are elastic stretch-pants so this shouldn’t happen).  There must be a plan in place to address the carnage that has taken place.

And that plan is exercise.  A great way to jump start your new life-outlook  and the tire around your waist is Salutation Nation.  On September 10th, 2011, Yogis and yoga-lovers and people who kind of attempt yoga (me) will come together from 9am-10am all over the country to participate in one giant yoga practice.  No matter what your level, come out and join all the others who inhaled a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake in less than 24 hours and treat your mind and body well for at least an hour out of your day.  It will bring you good things, I promise you this.

Watch this video of Salutation Nation 2010 sponsored by Lululemon and try not to get excited.

If you’re in Manhattan and want to join me (and not laugh at how inflexible I am), give me a shout out in my comments and we can go together!  A good time will be had by all.  Unless someone farts, and then I will repeatedly laugh like an immature 8 year old boy and will be asked to leave.  So please don’t do that.

Don’t stay mad at yourself that you ate an entire jar of queso in preparation of the end of the world.  You and the rest of the people affected by Hurricane Irene will recover.

Stay strong.

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