A New Yorker Explores New York

It’s kind of a running joke with my friends and family that as a born and raised New Yorker, I can only count on one hand how many times I have ventured to Brooklyn.  In my defense, I only have a few friends who actually live out there and we normally hang out in Manhattan, but that doesn’t mean that Brooklyn has lesser cultural chops.  On a normal day, I would never go by myself to explore Brooklyn, but I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends come visit me from Miami, and give me an excuse to play tourist.  Of course we picked a deadly hot day to trek across the Brooklyn Bridge (there AND back!), but it didn’t stop us from feeling like Miranda from Sex and the City when she meets Steve (or Kerry, in our case) halfway between Manhattan and Brooklyn and they decide to rekindle their romance.  Our reunion was just as romantic with hugging and ice cream and heat stroke.

While Leah was here, we also did something I kind of said I would never do. HEROIN. I’m just kidding. What we did was worse. We went to the Empire State Building. I KNOW.  We went at 9pm on a Sunday night thinking it wouldn’t be so crowded and waited over an hour in line as they herded us like cattle from one check point to another, to a different elevator to another line and then finally we were there.

And guys, the view was out of this world. The air was cool, the tourists were pushy, and all you could hear was the hum of the city.


Accidentally took a cool picture of Leah taking pictures.

You can even see my apartment building in this photo!

If you have a guest in town and don’t know what to do, check out these walking tours.  Leah brought this with her and we had a blast, just never enough time!

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