This and That

It’s time to put the tissues down and pull yourselves together!  I know you’ve missed me but I’m back.  Sorry for the blogging sabbatical, but I’ve been distracted lately.  My sister’s been really sick so I’ve been keeping her company and laying low with her.  I swear we’ve watched every awful movie ever made on Netflix Instant.

There were a couple things that I did this week that you might be interested in…not definitely, but I’ll tell you anyway.

Earlier this week I went to Trader Joe’s and picked up these adorable mini artichokes.  Growing up, my mom always made the most delicious stuffed artichokes, but I was not about to attempt to recreate them and fail, so I tried something different.  I read a few recipes on how to roast them, and then I didn’t listen to any of them.  I pretty much just went the lazy route, not steaming them first, and they came out edible and I liked them.  In the future though, I would recommend steaming them first because some of the leaves were still pretty hard even after they cooked for 45 minutes and  I couldn’t really eat them.  Tear.

Some pictures.

Can you imagine how many fewer teen pregnancies there would be in this world if in sex-ed, they described the vagina to look like this?

So small I can hold it in my hand.

The Roast.

The leftovers.

Also, on a completely random note, I just wanted to show you that even on a slow day at work, a script can come in and totally make you queef.  I mean laugh.  Never a dull moment in the entertainment biz!


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