Have Your Cake and Eat It – WOOF

Obviously you all know how much I love a great baked good.

I also love furry friends (aka dogs and Jewish men.)

Combine  baked goods and canines and you get The Dog Face Cake.

The artist, Dena Paige-Fischer, transforms your pup’s face into a confectionery masterpiece that humans can admire and enjoy. Just don’t forget to give Fido (or Jermajesty) a little taste – just NOT THE CHOCOLATE PART! Small side effect: Doggie Death.  Just sayin’.

Aside from the fact that we’re talking about cake here, let me give you something to  make your day even brighter and these cakes even better! A portion of the proceeds from the cakes go to Animal Haven, a no-kill pet shelter in Soho where my sister used to volunteer! So special I could vomit.

My birthday’s coming up next month…  My face.  As a dog. On a cake. Thoughts?


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