I’d say I’m a pretty mellow person.  I enjoy listening to the Joshua Radin Pandora station and laying on my bed, starring at the ceiling.  I also like drinking a cup of decaf tea and reading home decorating magazines.  I would not call these strenuous activities.  I would also say that one doesn’t sweat while doing these activities and that is a major factor in why I like them.  The feeling of my skin being wet and my clothes being wet has always been something I have disliked.  This being said, I was never a huge fan of swimming or water sports which went over really well at camp.  I think I “had my period” for 4 entire summers.

Exercising becomes an issue with the sweating.  I get over it because I know it’s the healthiest thing your body can do to get rid of the toxins.  There are just some things in this world you cannot stop.

So it would seem like the last thing in the world I would subject myself to would be a Hot Yoga class, but I do like to keep you on your toes now and then.  Wouldn’t want to go all predictable on ya now would I?

The studio is heated to a user-friendly 105 degrees.  No big deal.  I knew this going in and still continued.  I even paid 5 bucks.  Crazy, I know!  It sets up just like a regular yoga class, the room just feels stuffy, but no lingering B.O. smell from the previous class.  Major bonus!  As we are sitting around on our mats, the teacher tells us to get into child’s pose as she adjusts the heat.  All of a sudden I feel it starting to get warmer in the room, yet I can’t find where it is coming from.  I frantically look around the room for a vent or radiator, but I see nothing.  Where is it coming from?!?  Is this what it’s like in a gas chamber?  After determining there weren’t enough Jews in the class to even bother gassing us, I decided I could focus on my practice.

The class flowed quite nicely and the heat helped my muscles relax.  Like a warm hug.  As the entire class began to glisten, I looked down and I too was sweating EVERYWHERE.  Princesses DO sweat.  My shoulders were sweating, my legs were sweating – I bet my ears were even sweating.  People had come prepared with towels to lay on their mats to keep them from slipping around.  Made a mental note for next time.  Yep, I said next time.  I am definitely going again.  There is just something so satisfying about laying still at the end of your practice as a bead of sweat rolls off your forehead.  Also, peeling off my wet clothes and jumping in the shower was not bad either.

My shoulders and legs are kind of killing me today, but it just means that I had a great workout and my body is getting healthier.

That’s me post-yoga.  Wins all around!



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