Midtown Treasure

This is a test. I just got a Droid and am seeing if I can blog on the go. This could open so many doors.  Like blogging from Central Park this summer.  Or toilet blogging!  Only problem is that it just auto-corrected blogging to clogging. So things might get weird…  We’ll have to see!

Speaking off clogging, I went to lunch yesterday and tried this place called Foodie, a cute little Vietnamese place on 44th between 2nd and 3rd. They are famous for their Pho soups (a noodle soup served traditionally with beef or chicken) and their Vietnamese sandwiches.  We decided on splitting 2 different sandwiches, the curried chicken meatballs and the smoked duck.  Yum!  Ate the whole monster.


For dessert – yeah I had dessert at lunch – we split a taro tapioca with coconut milk. It was awesome if you like tapioca. If you don’t, I would steer clear because it’s kind of the consistency of chunky baby food.

Everything tasted really fresh and delicious which is a lot more than I can say about some other midtown lunches…

Here we go Droid blogging!


Okay so I wrote it from my droid, but I couldn’t figure out how to publish it from there, so I’m back on the computer.  Let’s consider it a work in progress!


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