Pavement: 1, Me: Zero

Sometimes the simplest of activities prove to be too hard for me.  Like walking, for example.  As I walked home from work this evening, I did what I normally do.  Turn on my ipod and zone out until I get home.  It’s the only “me” time I truly look forward to every day.  There’s something about the nighttime that makes it so peaceful. Or maybe it’s the fact that work is over.

But tonight was different.  There I was, one step  I was jamming to John Legend, and the next, I was eating pavement in front of an audience of  7 construction workers and an old lady.  I’m not sure how it happened but I flat out ate it. Probably about an 8 on a scale of 1 to I would have to be you.  I know my boots have horrible treads, as in no tread, but I just like the way they clip clop when I walk.  I sound like a lady which I most certainly am not.  I must have slipped on a patch of slippery pavement (?) and down I went, taking a knee, if you will.  It was almost graceful.  I say almost because nothing I do is graceful.  I am like a baby that doesn’t know that my arms and legs are attached  so I wobble around just getting used to everything flopping around.  Watch me dance.  I dare you.  After I “bowed to Park Avenue” I stood up and continued walking, not looking around or down to see if anyone saw or if I was bleeding. The construction workers stare at me as I pass, but the old woman stops and asks if I’m okay.  I stop myself from yelling “SHOULDA BEEN YOU!!!!” and say “yes, I’m fine, thank you” and continue on my way.  A block later, I slickly check my knee for a wound, but nothing!

When I get home and change, I realize that in fact, there IS a large slightly bloody scrap on my knee, yet my leggings remain fully intact.  They are leggings made of steel!  JAP armor.

Tonight’s festivities further remind me that I am only human and I should buy bigger band-aids.




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2 responses to “Pavement: 1, Me: Zero

  1. Elaine

    I’m so glad you took your little mishap so well!! Not!
    You’ll be better in the morning, don’t you worry …. the sun will come out again shops will open their doors, the pigeons will be hustling up and down the streets and all will be right in the world, but there will be a boo boo on your knee!!

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