A Taste of My Weekend

Although I was feeling a bit under the weather this weekend, I wanted to touch on a couple things that I did enjoy besides napping and sleeping.

Lazily ordering in breakfast on Saturday afternoon after laying in bed for far too long.  My meal was a little less glamourous than the picture above, mine being served in an aluminum take out container and eaten with plastic silverware, but delicious nonetheless.

Speaking of delicious, nothing is better than having a good ol’ unrealistic piece of chick lit to keep you glued to your bed all weekend.  I Probably wouldn’t have even minded being in a cast as long as I had this book by my side. Actually that would be a lie.  Getting the door for the delivery man would have been a nightmare! I wanted to tead the book in preparation for the equally vomit inducing movie that is coming out soon.  You bet your ass Im seein’ it!  Here’s the trailer in case you were interested….

I also finally watched “Exit Through The Gift Shop” and I actually really liked it.  It was crazy to see all the players in the street art scene and see how it all mostly goes down at night while everyone is sleeping.  I’ve been a fan of Banksy since I traveled to London during the summer of my Sophomore year in college. His work was everywhere and it was almost a game to spot them on the street.  I even have one of his works framed in my bedroom.

I thought the documentary was typical Banksy.  After all the hype about him and the movie, it actually had very little to do with him, turning the tables and pointing all the attention on Mr. Brainwash who I would say is certifiably insane.  Creative types.  Yikes!  We still don’t know who that sneaky motherfucker is but man is he mysterious and awesome!  On a related note to my fat tendencies, check out these Banksy Cupcakes!

Just a little taste of my weekend.  Hope yours was great!


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