Bring on the Cheese

So I’m in a pretty cheesy and romantic mood right now and it’s kind of annoying me.  Who am I and what happened to Alexa?  I’m coming down from two intense back to back episodes of Sex and the City, one of which was the episode where the cynical Miranda marries her best friend and the most adorable dork of all time, Steve.  Although I would NEVER do it, I think what I love most about that episode is that Miranda asks Steve to marry her and not the other way around.  It’s so unexpected and genuine.  It’s not that she’s a feminist or thinks Steve is a wimp; she just doesn’t want to live without Steve always by her side and why can’t she just say how she feels.  Ugh.  Just gauge out my eyes and burst my eardrums with Q-tips.  This is the only way I will not be tortured.  This show is like lady-porn.  And I miss it so much. Also in one of those episodes, Carrie becomes Alexander Petrovsky’s lovaaaa but is more swept off her feet than she expects.  What she thought would just be casual fun becomes more serious.  He reads her poetry ,which physically makes me uncomfortable even watching from my TV, and he plays her a song on the piano and says he wrote it for her.  YEAH RIGHT.  Am I so cynical that I can’t tolerate his acts of romance?  I need baby steps.  Everyone has their limits.

Personally, I’m more into cheesy letters, not that I’ve ever received one, but I like the idea.  I’m almost 100% positive that romance is dead, but if by chance it does exist, a heartfelt letter would be my poison of choice.  I think the written word is so much more sincere since you can hide behind the paper.  No one can see you cry/blush/smile or vomit.  You can really say how you feel and sometimes, when you write it, it’s like a declaration making it all the more real.  One can never assume that the other person knows how you truly feel until you just fucking spit it out you wuss!  Whether you send it by messenger pigeon, paper plane or a ransom note, let your feelings be heard.  Then you can never say “What if…”


Just had to get this out of my system – Aggressively sarcastic blog posts coming soon I’m sure!





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