Do You Fondue?

I Do!

What’s a girl to do on the Sunday of the Oscar’s?  Swoon over beautiful gowns and make fondue, of course!  I’m not the one who has to fit into the gowns anyway!  Score!

There’s really nothing better than ANYTHING dipped in melted cheese, especially when the cheese has wine and sherry in it! We couldn’t fine sherry anywhere (we didn’t look THAT hard) so we used a dessert wine I had laying around my apartment.  I think my dad gave it to me because he didn’t want it.  His mistake! We cracked that baby open and man, it was good!  Turned out to be a $50 dollar bottle of wine!  Whoopsies!  We enjoyed it very much.  Thanks, Dad!

The recipe is called “Matty’s Brie Cheese Fondue” and it is found here.

It also doesn’t hurt watching James Franco act severely awkward when you’re snuggling with a hairy baby!

This is Ruby.  She’s not mine but I sure wish she was!


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