Gift Giving

I haven’t assaulted you all with an inappropriate post in a while so here’s a little ditty that was spurred from an email I received today.

Just a little friendly reminder from my local waxing joint to get my lady bits tended to before Valentine’s Day. No big deal.


There’s just something so magically painful about getting waxed.  What’s natural about putting hot wax on your hoohah and then ripping it off?  Nothing, but we keep coming back for more.  And also, who gets someone a gift certificate to get waxed?? That’s like asking to be date-less on Valentine’s Day.  Like me.

For now.

Optimism.  I’m trying it out.

Also, positive thinking.  You’re right Uni-K. My vagina IS a gift.  I will cherish it.

Side note – Does it not bother anyone else how hairless everyone is in this picture?  Madame Tussauds called and they want their wax people back. The woman is caressing the man’s shiny chest and probably thinking “Mmmm, his chest feels just like a toddler’s.”

So ladies, don’t forget that YOU are the gift this Valentine’s Day.  And men, don’t forget to buy chocolates because vaginas love chocolate.



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