You were not forgotten!

Shalom Everyone!

I didn’t mention it on here due to pure chaos before I left, but the reason I’ve been MIA is because I was just on a trip to Israel for twelve days! Truly the most amazing experience of my life. Israel is such a magical place and I was so lucky to share it with 35 wonderful people.  More on that later. I took a bunch of pictures with my new awesome digital camera (got it on sale during the holidays – holler!!) so I will share some of the highlights with you once I get my pictures sorted.

As for now, I’ve been wandering around the city (sans makeup – eek) feeling as if everything I see is brand new.  Places I’ve visited before look different now.  It’s like a whole new world, Aladdin! It’s pretty strange, but I’m enjoying it for the moment.  Zoe and I stopped at City Bakery for a sweet treat while running errands around town. Their hot chocolate = the most amazing sludge you will ever taste.  I’d recommend getting it to stay and adding one of their homemade marshmallows on top.  People watching over a cup of hot cocoa is the perfect winter pick me up.

Israel pictures to follow – Just wanted to say that I didn’t forget you!


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