Marry You

A friend of mine sent me the new Bruno Mars album the other day and I actually can’t stop listening to it.  I play it on my computer when I’m getting dressed in the morning.  It’s on my Ipod when I’m walking to work.  It’s on my Itunes at work.  I listen to it when I walk home from work.  Back on it goes when I’m hanging around my apartment at night.  I’m surprised I haven’t had some sort of inappropriate dream about Bruno Mars already.

My favorite song on the album is called “Marry You” and I’m not saying the lyrics are genius, because they definitely aren’t (dancing juice?), but the opening sounds like a Christmas song and then tempo is upbeat and fun and I like to work out to it and (oh yeah, I listen to it at the gym too!).  I think what I also like about the song is that he kinda sounds like a girly man with a highish voice.  Like a more mature Puerto Rican/Filipino Justin Beiber.

I want you all to enjoy this song as much as I do.  It’ll put you in a great mood.  You know what else does?  Snow flurries.  Marry You + Snow Flurries = the nicest walk to work this morning!

And you thought this song couldn’t get any better? Guess again! Glee covered it!  You should watch this episode.  It made me cry like 67 times.



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2 responses to “Marry You

  1. Leah

    send me a copy of the cd and I’ll marry you. 😉

  2. Caity

    LOVE that song!

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