Money Pants

It’s funny how buying a pair of overpriced exercise pants can really teach you a thing or two about yourself.

Made a big day trip the other day to Woodbury Commons pre-Black Friday (I’m afraid of sales) and popped into Lululemon to check out their Spandex pants made from gold.  What?  They aren’t made of gold??  Then what makes them a million dollars?!?!

I researched/looked at the tag on my new pants and apparently these babies have Luon in them so they have anti-swamp-ass properties.  Sweat wicking, anti-stink.  I am not being vulgar, I swear, it even says it on their website. Well, not swamp-ass, but anti-stink.  Same difference.

I think the reason people continue to go back to this store and by their outrageously priced sweat pants is because with every purchase, you receive a Lululemon bag.  Have you seen their shopping bags?  They are reusable totes with just the nicest and most inspiring quotations on them.  Warms my insides when I read them.  Almost makes buying sweatpants for $86 okay.  Wait that’s never okay.

Woodbury Commons.  Got them for $34.  Suck on that.  And these quotes.

My personal favorite is “The pursuit of happiness is the source of all unhappiness.”  Holy shit bag, you are right!  When you spend too much time worrying about being unhappy, you become miserable.  (My life right now.)  It’s the holidays, give me a break.  It becomes a constant search to find your happiness, so much so, that you totally miss what’s in front of you. Every good opportunity passes you by and you don’t even notice. So just chill the f out, everybody. (Me.)  Happiness will always find you, just like swamp-ass.




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  1. m

    Inspiring! Yes, everyone, please chill the f out.

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