Is it Thanksgiving yet?

In case you haven’t heard, Thanksgiving is coming soon!

As you’ve all figured out already, I am not normal, so it wouldn’t surprise you if I said I actually really don’t like Turkey.  I think it’s the most boring meat in the whole world.  It’s usually dry and bland unless you expertly cook it like my mom normally does, but one can only be so lucky to be at the Schwartz family dysfunctional Thanksgiving. Aside from, being with your family, the best part about Thanksgiving is is actually the Pumpkin Pie!

If it were acceptable to have incredibly long blog names, mine would actually be SUSHI.STEAK.CUPCAKES.PUMPKIN PIE.  I looooove pumpkin pie.

While browsing some blogs, I found an article about the best places to find Pumpkin Pie in NYC. (I’m so glad I live here.)

How can I be a judge for this next year???

Check it out here.



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2 responses to “Is it Thanksgiving yet?

  1. So this might be a little weird. I just saw this recipe and remembered this post. Thought I’d pass it on because it looks reallyyyyyy good. Not sure if you’re much of a baker, but I figured I’d send it over anyway.
    Enjoy!! And if you do make it, let me know what it’s like!

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