Funny Findings

Hi.   Remember me?

I’m Alexa.  I used to write blog posts, but I just haven’t had the time/been inspired.  Nothing in my life has changed really except I got a shelf built in my closet that I’m pretty excited about.  It’s the new home to my purses and shoes boxes and I hear they like it there.  Otherwise, I’ve been listening to the Bon Iver station on Pandora, laying upside down on my bed and thinking about a whole lot of nothing.  Also, I need a haircut, but I made an appointment for tomorrow after work actually, so don’t you fret!

The other morning evening while I was not at work, I stumbled upon my new favorite website for useless gifts that no one needs but everyone should have.

Let me show you a few of my favorite finds:

For days when I’m a Negative Nancy.

A mini robo vacuum for my desk crumbs!

For when your boo boos need some bacon!

As if regular flossing could get any better?? OMG!

The is genius!  I never know what to do with all my empty wine bottles!

And finally – because we know there are no Jewish Firemen! Show us your lawyer muscles!


Christmas/Hannukah gifts this year?  Just throwing it out there…



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  1. nina

    Fred Flare is a great store you have to go there.

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