Escape From The City

On Sunday I did the most wonderful thing.  I got out of the city!  Into nature!  My friend Cat invited me and some of her other friends to go apple picking in Long Island, which I thought seemed like such a fun time!  We rented a Zipcar, popped in an iPod and zoomed past all the changing leaves that we rarely get to see in the city.  The air was crisp and fresh smelling, with not even the faintest hint of a Halal street cart to be found.  We drove about an hour to Barton Orchards which is this insanely large farmland where you can pick your own apples, produce and pumpkins, depending on the season.  They even have a corn maze!  We were told it takes an hour to get through, because people tend to get very lost, so we decided we didn’t want to risk getting lost and running out of time on our Zipcar.  There’s always next time!  The moment we got there, we were all starved.

Who says you can’t eat a Caramel Apple for breakfast?

After breakfast we went apple picking.

It was just row after row of apple trees.  It was overwhelming how many types of apples there were so we had a strategy.  We decided to pick an apple and try it first, before we began filling up our bags.  Moral of that story is we ate way too many apples.  Had enough fiber to last me a month at least.  And don’t worry, I’m still eating the apples I brought home!

There was even a petting zoo!  How cool is this dude?

It was a great place for kids and adults.  Stick the kid in a wagon and throw a bag of fresh popped popcorn at him and you’re set.  Just drag ’em around ’til they fall asleep.  If that doesn’t work, stick them in the bounce house to tire them out/get a concussion.  There’s tons to do!  Before we left we just had to have some fresh pumpkin pie because we were there and who doesn’t love pumpkin and you only live once and who doesn’t love pumpkin?

Thanks, Cat, for inviting me on this fantastic day trip and for also taking most of these pictures!  You’re the best!


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