Friday Night

On Friday night I went to a client friend’s going away party since she is moving from one agency to another, and I started talking to this guy.  Things are going well.  We have friends in common as well as interests, and obviously he is making a mental checklist of all my good qualities, just like I am doing for him.

  • Sweet
  • Cute
  • Was a producer at an ad agency (Job!)
  • Now getting his MBA at Columbia (Smart!)
  • Wants to be a screenwriter (Creative!)
  • Wears a backpack (Nerd!)
  • Good teeth (Braces!)
  • Good hair (Good genes!)
  • Grew up in the town next door to mine (Similar backgrounds!)
  • Laughed at my lame jokes (Polite!)

Looks promising right?  Until…

  • Mormon (Fuck!)
  • Married (C’mon!)
  • 4 month old child (Sweet Lord!)

Of course I found a Mormon in Murray Hill.


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