Thank you.

There really are nice people in this world.

I was meeting up with my friend Cat on the UWS to grab a very overdue dinner to catch up.  I check my metrocard to see my balance and I have 50 cents left.  Of course I do.  It’s rush hour and there are mobs of people racing for the shuttle.  I get in line to refill my card and I step up to the machine.  I swipe my card and the machine freezes.  Is my metrocard stuck?!?  Did my card get charged?!? What’s going on here?!?  The line is getting longer behind me and people are starting to get annoyed.  I keep hitting clear and nothing happens and all of a sudden something does and it says the transaction didn’t work and it spits out my metrocard. How annoying!  There are only 3 people on line in back of me so I quickly try it again.  Same thing happens again except this time is freezes for even longer!   I hear some groans and coughs behind me so I begin to panic aka sweat.  If you are a guy reading this, I mean glisten.  Girls don’t sweat.  Finally it spits my card out again and I decide to try a different machine.  I get in line behind about 8 people and then I’m up.  Why is it 800 degrees in here? I decide to use my debit card this time thinking maybe my other card wasn’t working.  THE SAME THING HAPPENS but it takes EVEN LONGER this time!  Now I don’t know what to do because I still only have 50 cents on my metrocard so I can’t ride the subway, but I need to step out of line before a riot starts so I step out and try to get back on line to use cash this time but now there are about 11 people waiting in line and this is a run-on sentence.  I’m literally so frustrated, I’m sweating, semi about to cry, and I wonder if I’ll ever get to eat tapas with Cat.  Then, this woman taps me on the shoulder.  “Come with me,” she says and I worry that she might kill me.  Who talks to strangers in Manhattan? Was she in line behind me?  Does she want to hurt me? Will my blood end up on her lime green sweater?  What does her face look like in case I have to describe her to a sketch artist if I awake from my coma?  Law and Order is based on real events!  The woman walks me to the turnstyles, stands to the side, and says “Here you go,” and swipes her metrocard and waves me through. I don’t even know what to say as I push my way through but I stop as I make it to the other side, which everyone knows is the worst place to stop.  As I’m getting fondled by all of NYC trying to pass me, I managed some sort of “Oh my gosh, thank you, you are so sweet,” and then I lost her in the crowd of people.  I don’t know how because her sweater was ridiculously bright but somehow I did.  That’s not what I wanted to say to her, but that’s all that came out. I’m not eloquent when I’m sweaty.  I going to bet that she is a mother.  She looked like a mom and I’m not saying she looked old or anything like that.  She just looked like she cared.  About others and not just herself.  She looked like a warm person.  I think she must have smelled my fear. Moms do that right?  Or is that bears?  It was such a random act of kindness that one so rarely experiences in this city.

There really are nice people in this world.


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