Work It Out

You know how sometimes you’re on your way home to go to the gym and then you black out and next thing you know you are checking out at LOFT and you’re slightly dizzy?

This situation happened to me tonight and just want to say that you should not be alarmed.  I got such cute things!

Jean leggings which I highly recommend if you have  thin legs as they are stretchy down all the way through the knee which is really where it counts (am I right ladies?) and a brown counterpart to a black sweater that I already love and adore as if I made it with my own stubby hands.

I had some coupons with me (from a previous purchase UGH I know I need to stop!) so I paid HALF PRICE! Which makes it FULLY OKAY that I skipped out on the gym.  At least I am watching The Biggest Loser tonight and not eating ice cream during it, okay?  We all make sacrifices.

Also, when I came home, I had a Banana Republic package waiting for me with a denim shirt that I’ve been anxiously waiting for.  Obviously it’s going to be like 600 degrees out for the rest of the week so I can’t wear it yet, but that’s how these things go.  Did I tell you it was 30% off??  It was! I like telling you all the sales I got.  It makes me feel better.  But anyway, I was just really excited that my package came so I told my doorman I loved him. I hope I made his day because he made mine!


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One response to “Work It Out

  1. Elaine

    You gotta get a grip on your self girl! That dizzy feeling ….. that’s you spinning out of control!
    Snap out of it! Just because you cleaned out your closet doesn’t mean you have to refill it ! Really!

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