Things I’m crushing on:

1.  As I write this, some grapes.  Laziest dinner I’ve ever made.

2. My favorite purse in Leopard!

3.  An Army Green Winter Jacket. Fur is just a bonus!

3. Cheyenne Jackson

It was really nice meeting you today at work.  Rumor has it you are gay.  I don’t care, just hold me until I fall asleep.  Although your blue eyes would look great on our future children, you are not usually what I go for. You are like a  Maserati – man.  Lots of fun to look at.  Loud and flashy.  Not to be left unattended for fear of being stolen.  But I’m not loud and flashy or any of that.  I’m looking for a Volvo – man.  Safe, reliable, and good with kids.  Not for now but for later.   You don’t stir up any trouble when we go out, but we can still have a great time.  You’re also a great ride.

Did I say that?



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2 responses to “Things I’m crushing on:

  1. Elaine

    So clever! I never thought about my type of man ….

  2. Lili

    I love your man/car analogy! So true! Sports cars are fun for one ride, but you take home a volvo!

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