Hairy Baby

I think I’m getting soft.  I never think about having kids, but lately I’ll catch myself staring at babies and little children, thinking how cute they are.

I’ve mentioned before that I petsit for a little Malti-poo named Sophie.  How appropriate that it’s me and her breed has the word poo in it.

Every time I watch her for a long period of time, I imagine that she is my own hairy baby and I enjoy every stupid moment we spend together.  When she pees on her wee wee pads we both jump for joy and at night we cuddle until I fall asleep. How selfish of me since she’s the hairy baby and I’m the adult but I can’t help it that I have slight narcolepsy. For the last 3 days I’ve woken up the next morning with no idea how I went to sleep.  A little scary, but what great sleep I’ve been having!

Sophie knows this and accepts me.  I also accept her for having this:

I know she couldn’t have bought it for herself because she’s poor and she has no thumbs, but I don’t judge her.

I take tons of pictures of her like a good mother should.

She’s my hairy baby and I love her.


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