The Lake House – not that terrible movie with Keanu.

I just walked in the door from a wonderful weekend with family in the Berkshires in Massachusetts.  My Aunt has a beautiful house on Lake Garfield in Monterey and it is such a treat for us to go. Monterey is a very small town near Great Barrington.  It even has a General Store where a jazz band sometimes plays for local residents, they sell fresh cut slab bacon and farm fresh eggs, and you can check the bulletin board outside for local babysitters or tag sales. It is the total opposite of the fast pace and uptight Manhattan where I spend most of my time, which is why I think I like visiting there so much.

My sister and I have a pretty disgusting relationship if you haven’t noticed.  I blame it on being identical twins.  We just never really get tired of each other.  We always make these big plans of doing things together, even in the far off future.  We actually share the same dream of wanting to build a country house together, on Lake Garfield just like our Aunt’s, where both our families can spend time together.  Now the trick is we just need to win the lottery so we can build our dream house AND find husbands that like each other!  I think it’s possible! Don’t you?  We started saving about a year ago and I think we have enough to maybe buy a bathroom sink so I’d say we are well on our way!

My Dad, my sister and I drove up to the my Aunt’s on Friday and spent the weekend golfing, tanning, boating, eating and relaxing.  Here are some pictures from the weekend:

My Aunt’s house.

The view from the house.  So beautiful you could die.

My Aunt driving the boat.

My 12 year old cousin driving the boat.

My sister watching my cousin knee-boarding…

Don’t talk to me.  I’m tanning.

Zoe, Dad and Me, wind-blown but happy!

A wonderful weekend with family.


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  1. Aunt Myra

    Love it and love you and your sister!

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