Lilacs are a wonderful flower…

…Just not on my toes.

Went to the nail salon tonight to get my nails did and what seemed like a great idea in the bottle turned out to be not such a great idea on my actual toes.

I went in looking for Essie’s new color Lilacism, a whiteish purple-y color that my friends recommended (and I thought looked really nice on them) and the salon didn’t have it (of course!) so I went with Essie’s St. Lucia Lilac since they were both lilac, a safe bet I thought, but I was wrong.

I wanted this:

And I got this:

They look the same right? Well they’re not. And even if they looked exactly the same, who cares, because neither one would have looked good. I knew I didn’t like it after the first toe got painted, but I didn’t tell my little Asian bestie Lucy, who painted my nails  because I felt too bad and she’s just the sweetest lady!  Did I mention that she rolled her eyes when a group of 5 gay men came in for mani/pedi’s? I know, Lucy, I know!  Hairy feet are the worst!

So anyway, I went all the way and got all 10 of my toes painted Lilac.

Pain/ugly toes = beauty right?

How do you feel about the new lilac trend?



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5 responses to “Lilacs are a wonderful flower…

  1. Dad

    Hysterical!! I great way to end a great day!!!

  2. let’s be honest – lilac is a bad choice no matter what you’re referencing. 😦 Hopefully you can get it changed soon?

  3. Zoe

    The lilac wasn’t that bad, it was the guy next to her who shaved his legs and had 3-day stubble that tainted the whole experience. Gross

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