I always hesitate when I see any food on a menu marked with quotation marks because that’s sketchy, let’s be honest.

What do you mean “chicken?”

But I finally get it now.

After trying this restaurant that I have passed for almost 2 years now, I know that “Chicken” is imitation chicken made for vegetarians.

Yes, my blog title has the word STEAK in it, but I do actually have some vegetarian tendencies.  Like eating salad.

Franchia is a vegetarian restaurant and tea house around the corner from my apartment.  It serves “Zen Cuisine” and although I was hesitant about what was so Zen about it, as soon as you walk in, you get it.  Dimly lit with soft melodic music, you immediately feel zen.  Advertised as a tea house, I had to try one of their hot teas so I got the White Peony and I loved how they served it!  Loose tea leaves always make the tea experience more fun!

(Terrible picture courtesy of my blackberry!)

The loose leaves are steeping in the ceramic strainer that fits right over the cup!  How fancy and fun right?

My sister and I went and decided to try one of every course so for an appetizer, we split Spicy Kimchi Pancakes.  You will never meet two Jews who love Kimchi more than we do.  For those of you who do not know, Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made of spicy fermented cabbage.

It’s amazing. And the Kimchi pancakes were everything we imagined they would be.

For our main dish we ordered the vegetarian curry hot pot which was pretty killer.  I’m not one to order curry very often because my mom told me one too many horror stories of her time living near an indian restaurant, but this dish changed my mind, and you know what else did?

The “Chicken!”

It was delicious!  I don’t know how to describe its taste or texture other than it was really good!  It felt like I was eating meat. I was fooled!  Chicken is definitely lowest on the ladder of meats that I enjoy (next to turkey), but I think “Chicken” might surpass it.  I was diggin’ around this hot pot in search of any last remnant of  this “chicken” that I could stab with my chopstick.

For dessert we had an Ice Green Tea Float which was essentially an Iced Green Tea with Vanilla Almond Soy Ice Cream in it.

The ice cream was pretty tasty, but the green tea part was a little boring and green for my liking.  We only ordered it because they were out of Blueberry Coconut Cake (those bastards!).

Overall, it was a pretty exotic place to eat and their menu was very interesting.  Even if you are not vegetarian, I highly recommend checking out the “Chicken” and maybe even the “Duck” or the “Lobster.”



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2 responses to ““Chicken”

  1. Elaine

    Do I see a new shirt on someone at the table at Franchia???


  2. M

    You should start a tip jar for a better camera.

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