Is This Post a Dream?

I just inhaled half a medium popcorn, half a bag of pretzel M&M’s and half a bag of coconut M&M’s all while watching Inception, so needless to say my mind is totally blown and I am SO FULL.

That movie was crazy with the dreams and the sedatives and the mean Japanese guys who I couldn’t decide if they were bad or good and the cute little kids who didn’t have faces and Juno who wasn’t pregnant and Leo who just can’t seem to ever let go (Titanic reference heyooo) and the dreidel.  That damn dreidel. I know it’s not Hanukkah, but tell me that top didn’t look like a dreidel.

Question – Does Leo ever play someone sane?  I’m STILL confused about Shutter Island. Is life just a dream where everyone is out to get you?  Will I have nightmares tonight?

And did anyone else think the best part of Inception was watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He masters the perfect amount of hair product to look sophisticated and not greasy. He’s also a pretty decent actor in my book.  500 Days of Summer? He was great, the movie wasn’t. I hope Joseph (first name basis) is the next Brad Pitt, but I hope he never leaves his wife for Angelina Jolie.  That bitch is crazy.

Also, on a serious note, why is every M&M flavor so good? Are they just a projection of my dreams? Am I dreaming now?



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3 responses to “Is This Post a Dream?

  1. Alexa, I was sitting next to you during this movie and I agree with your comments on JGL’s hair product choices and your concise review of 500 Days Summer. Also that top did not resemble a dreidel, that was a stretch.

  2. Okay so… Here I am again! I just had to say that I am incredibly jealous that you have that many types of m&m’s in the states! I have never, ever even heard of pretzel or coconut m&m’s until reading your blog – and i LOVE m&m’s. I definitely will have to pay a visit and try all these wonderful things I’m missing out on in Canada.

  3. M

    I have to second that the dreidel was a stretch, really reaching on that one – and also the total awesomenesses that are m&m + any flavor.

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