Just another summer dinner…

I may have mentioned before that I like to eat.

It comes from the fact that growing up, my family always made a big deal over food.  How fresh it was, how it was prepared, how beautiful it turned out and most importantly, how great it tasted!

This weekend, I went home to Westchester to  have a little belated 4th of July bbq with my sister and Dad since we didn’t all get to spend it together last weekend.

As it is the peak of summer, we had watermelon, tomatoes, corn and LOBSTER!

My mother taught me how to eat a lobster and I will forever be made fun of for how intensely I do so.  It is only among family and close friends that I can eat a whole lobster.  It takes me hours. Not kidding.  No meat goes untouched and the body is my favorite part.  I dissect a lobster as I would a science project.   I wanted to be a doctor way back when.  Eating a lobster is like an activity with the greatest reward…food!  I start with the legs, then the claws, then the tail, and then the body, saving the best for last.

I truly think there is no better way to celebrate summer than to grill up some corn, boil a lobster, and GO TO TOWN.

My dad found this recipe for a grilled watermelon and tomato salad in the NYTimes so we just had to try it.  Of course we did it a little different, jazzed it up with some fresh mango and fancy Italian Balsamic Vinegar that my sister brought back from her study abroad in Florence, but needless to say it was delicious.

That’s a 3 pounder right there! Is it weird that this lobster weighed as much as I did when I was born??

Man, that baby was good! Puns!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer like I am!

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