I am cripple, hear me ROAR.

I can’t tie my shoes.

Not because I was never taught, but because I am crippled.

Not permanently.

Just since last Thursday.

I can’t bend down to tie my shoes without feeling this horrible pain in my left lower back.

This isn’t me.

My hair is longer and I am more muscular.

I also wear underwear.

But seriously, I don’t know what happened.

I think maybe it was these dreadful machines that I used at the gym that I never use and don’t know why I did, but I used them and now it hurts to even breathe.

I need to breathe.

You know the machines I used.

The machines where your legs are spread that claim they tone your inner and outer thighs.

I want toned thighs.

The machines that give you a glimmer of hope that one day your thighs wouldn’t touch when you walked.

That fateful gym trip was Thursday night and I am still feeling the pain.

On Saturday I went to yoga class, thinking it would be good to stretch it out gently.


Now I’m sore everywhere else, PLUS the back pain.

Me and the heating pad became best friends this weekend.

This post is just to let me vent.

And tell you how hard it was to put my left leg up on the tub to shave my legs this morning.

It hurts to sit in my office chair too.

In case you cared.


The end.


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One response to “I am cripple, hear me ROAR.

  1. Elaine

    Loved the timing of the humor in this posting. Made me laugh out loud a few times.


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