Little Pieces of Heaven

Who invented these and where can I send death threats???

Bought these before going to see Ondine last night and man, was that worst slash best decision I’ve ever made.  I also got a large popcorn to share with friends which I read on the sign was 900 calories.  Thanks for telling me!  It’s still not stopping me!  The combination of salty popcorn and sweet candy is the cheese to my macaroni.

If you haven’t heard of Ondine or if you have and you thought it looked kinda shitty, you should be shot because it actually was a really great movie.  It was beautifully shot and the location was perfectly bleak and cloudy and dreary.  Have you ever seen Big Fish?  I would say it was similar to that in how it was shot and the magical aspects of the story.  The little girl character is the sweetest damn kid in the whole entire world and the fact that she has kidney failure (I didn’t spoil anything) make her that much more lovable.  For guys that don’t have a love of Colin Farrell, maybe you’d enjoy watching Alicja Bachleda-Curus, a polish cover girl wear nothing but a wet and therefore see through dress with no bra under it.  I had major boob jealousy.

The story line was great, the cast was well picked, the theater was artsy and quaint, and the snacks were unfreaking believable.  Good times had by all.


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