Happy Belated Father’s Day!

I’ve been waiting weeks to write a post about my dad’s Father’s Day gift but I had to keep it a surprise until I could give it to him, and since he reads my blog, no one could know!  A few weeks ago, a coworker told me that Anthony Bourdain was having a book signing for his new book “Medium Raw” and as soon as I heard that, I KNEW I had to get my dad a signed copy.  He is the biggest foodie I know and one of the main reasons why I love food so much.  My mom is the other one and without them, I would be eating Big Macs and white meat chicken without knowing the deliciousness that I was missing.

Anthony Bourdain is a hilarious chef, author and TV show host who proclaims his love for food by traveling all over the world to tell his loyal followers about how other cultures do it right food-wise.  Ever since I watched the man drink a fermented cocktail made from the chewed food and saliva of village women in some third world country, I have always found him inspirational.  I have spent countless hours watching his show with my dad, dreaming of a day when we could copy one of his trips and taste all of the foods that he raves about.  Until that day, I will just stalk him at the Borders on Wall St.

Waited in line for 3 hours to get the book signed!

Me and Anthony Bourdain.

The book.

Here’s my copy of the book. You can’t see it, but within his signature he wrote “let’s run away together and feed each other delicacies or other countries.”

Happy Father’s Day Dad!



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2 responses to “Happy Belated Father’s Day!

  1. Dad

    That was the nicest Fathers’s Day gift as was this blog. The Book is fun, I just started it, let’s plan that trip, and let’s take Tony. I have tears in my eyes. Thanks again to both of you or should I say all three of you.

  2. ames09

    I LOVE TONY BOURDAIN. I met him at a signing and said some borderline stalkerish/really weird things to him and he didn’t really respond to me. But it was absolutely the highlight of that year. What a perfect gift!

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