My Worst Fear Revisited

Years ago, my mom, my sister and I took a vacation to the Cayman Islands for a relaxing vacation of fun in the sun.  While there, we went snorkeling in the ice blue water and it was absolutely perfect – until the fish started attacking me.  Yes, I am a victim of a fish attack.  Never do you think that those beautiful schools of fish would ever turn around and look you in the eye and want blood.  Apparently it is common practice for tourists to bring EZ Cheese into the ocean and spray it into the water for the fish to eat so they come closer to you.  Naive me didn’t realize this when I jumped on in there, floatin’ around expecting that they would be scared of me.  I had no idea what to do when all these fish came at me and started nipping at my arms and legs.  So I did what any reasonable person would have done and screamed into my snorkel, flailed my arms and legs and swam to shore faster than I have ever swam in my life.  I am not a swimmer.  More like a beached whale. The next day we went swimming with sting rays and when one touched my leg, I about had a heart attack and rushed right back to the boat.  Too soon little guy, too soon.

I came across this sleeping bag today that reminded me of my torturous experience.

JAWS!  I mean, c’mon.  That’s clever.


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