Let’s Get Healthy!

So after my Shake Shack filled weekend (and I forgot to mention I went for Dim Sum with my Aunt and Uncle), I was feeling pretty gross.  All that fat and salt does not a skinner person make.  So I’ve decided to get myself back on track.  Eat healthy, exercise, and be responsible for myself and my body.  There’s this great book that my sister introduced me to called

It’s a really interesting book that breaks down how a person should eat for their body to work properly.  Everything Dr. McKeith says really makes sense.  Things like how your body can’t process proteins and carbohydrates at the same time because they digest differently – this makes sense.  No wonder you feel gross after a bowl of pasta with meat sauce.  She suggests drinking hot water with lemon to jump start your body in the morning and eating tons of fruits and vegetables.  It really is what your body craves.  I was really good about it for like 2 weeks, eating super healthy things like beans, tofu, veggies, fish and I have never felt so good.  My body felt like it was really loving what I was eating and I felt great.  As a person who suffers from digestive issues, my stomach always hurts after I eat.  After 24 years, I have gotten used to it.  With this new way of eating, I actually feel fine after.  I never knew people felt like this!  I felt like I just glowed from within.

McKeith writes about how food can fix many of your issues with no medicine involved.  There’s even a whole chapter talking about your poop!  You better believe that was my favorite chapter.  Analyzing poop is like looking into your soul.

So yesterday started my eating healthy and being good to myself.  I ate really well and even went to a yoga class.  It was so intense and hot in there, that my sweat looked like a peed myself.  Job well done I’d say.  Here’s to being healthy and becoming my best self!

Who’s with me?!?!?  Let’s do it together!


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