The Perfect Hangover Cure

Saturday night my sister and I threw a little party for our 24th birthday at 675 bar in the Meatpacking district.  It was really great to have a lot of my friends come out and celebrate with us so thanks to everyone who came.  After chit chatting, playing Jenga and Connect Four, and about 4 maybe 5 drinks, I had reached my limit.  This is shameful to all my college friends and I’m sorry that I let you down.  I may still be young but I guess my tolerance level/liver is not. Somehow I managed to stay out until 4am, which I am pretty proud of, if I do say so myself. I got home and immediately fell into a deep coma and did not wake until about 1pm on Sunday.  Good morning hangover! Couldn’t decide between throwing up or going back to sleep, so I got up and went to a street fair around the corner from my apartment.   Nothing a little greasy food can’t soak up right?

So my sister and I hit the street fair, along with every tourist that dribbled out of Grand Central Station. First thing that stopped be dead in my tracks was the biggest half sour pickle I’d ever seen.

It was almost this big.  Seriously.  It was almost inappropriate to eat it.  But oh well.  I spilled pickle juice on my shirt – typical – and continued to look for something else to stuff in my face.  Moved on to some vegetarian Pad Thai which kinda sucked so we threw it out.  Didn’t know what I was craving, but I knew it wasn’t that!  Continued on to not find anything to eat, but I did find Elvis’ long lost brother!

After the street fair gave us no solid food options, we went for a walk in the neighborhood and landed upon 2nd Ave Deli.

Sent this picture to my mom to make her jealous.

If you’re ever hankerin’ for a tongue sandwich, some chopped liver or some pastrami, this is the place to go.  It’s no bargain, it’s actually a rip!  But the food is so good that you almost forget, until the bill comes.  My sister and I split a sandwich, fries and some drinks and it came to $30!  Instant hangover cure. Had some major indigestion later that day in case you were wondering.

See why?  YUM.


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