Man Down!

I figured since the weather would be nice and sunny today, I would wear a dress and show off my insanely pale legs to all of Manhattan.  I decided on this dress that I had bought I guess a month back, but have not worn yet.

Staring at Stars Chiffon Sundress from Urban Outfitters.

I paired it with a jean jacket and some sandals and I thought my day was going well…until I ate breakfast.  At work I cut up an apple and spooned out some peanut butter on the side so I could eat them together.  So I’m just sitting at my desk, putting a blop of peanut butter onto a piece of apple when all of a sudden the blop of peanut butter does not land on the apple but DIRECTLY ON MY DRESS.  Man Down!  In slow motion, which is how I watched this event go down,  it looked as if the peanut butter was a trapeze artist that had missed  a trick and had fallen into the womb of the safety net, which in reality was  the skirt part of my dress.  It was almost as if my lap was welcoming the peanut butter blop in a big engulfing hug saying, “You are safe now.  You are not hurt.”

So, as gracefully as I could, I scooped up the peanut butter from my lap and promptly ate it.

Then I wiped down my dress with a wet paper towel and now I look like I had an accident.

Not a bad start to a Friday if I do say so myself!



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2 responses to “Man Down!

  1. Elaine Schwartz

    You neglected to say whether you look good in your cute summery dress and sandals.

  2. Zoe Schwartz

    I can attest. She looks cute!

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