The Guide can be deceiving…

Last night, a few friends and I were watching TV at my apartment, a little Modern Family, Glee from last night, and then when that was over, we were checking the guide but nothing was on!  All of a sudden I squeal in delight when I see that Sex and the City is on!  I haven’t seen reruns in forever, but seeing as I pee my pants daily in anticipation for the new movie, I was beyond excited to watch whatever episode was playing, even if it’s the one with old man saggy butt.  I press select and then I am utterly confused.  What is this?  This is not Sex and the City! Why does the footage look so bad and where are the Jimmy Choos?!?

Turns out, I got over excited when I was scanning the guide and selected the show prematurely.

This is what I saw:

Turns out we were watching Sex in the Civil War which conveniently was cut off in a way that made it seem like a MUCH better show. Why would Sex and the City play on the History Channel??  My brain works in mysterious ways.



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2 responses to “The Guide can be deceiving…

  1. Wait, so… Sex in the Civil War = not good?

    How DID they have sex during the civil war, anyway. I’ve always thought about that.

  2. Elaine Schwartz

    Funny …. we definitely must be related. I did the exact same thing, except after watching for a few minutes not knowing “what the hell was going on”
    I got into it. Remember, I always loved all that historical trivia!

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