I miss you Minnetonkas.

I think about you a lot.  People made fun of you and asked me if I was a Native American.  I wore you when I studied and walked my dog. Who needed socks?  Not me.  The ridicule never stopped.  What do people in Miami have against suede moccasins?  I gave in to their criticism and gave you away to Goodwill when I was purging things for my move back to New York.  I realized this was a mistake about a second after I donated them.  What good person would “indian giver” something you donated to Goodwill?  So I left you there. And mourned.  I miss your soft suede and the way you sometimes turned my feet orange.  I miss your beads and strings that always untied when I walked.  Whoever bought you, size 8.5  girl,  you are really lucky that I was so stupid.

A moment of silence for my Minnetonkas.


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