Weekend In Review

Hey dudes.  Just checkin in after a seriously fun weekend full or good friends, good times and good drinks.  All things I love a little too much. 😉

Friday night led me to The Bowery Hotel to meet up with some friends and  and a friend’s mom who was visiting from out of town.  I was a little apprehensive about going to the Bowery Hotel again, after it had been the scene of a horrible crime – a date gone very wrong.  I was set up on a blind date by my dad.  Cringes all around, I know!  What did I have to lose?  It was the first and last time that will ever happen, but I thank my dad for for trying anyway.  It’s always the thought that counts and it’s definitely nice to be thought about.  Let’s just say that this guy wore loafers with no socks, talked about real estate and finance the whole time and didn’t laugh at ANY of my jokes. He also had red hair and was Jewish which I find very hard to believe.  It was like my own personal hell.  I was nice and friendly, but all I could think about was getting the f out of there.  I ordered only 1 drink because ordering another would just prolong the torture even more.  We walked outside and we hugged and I gave him the “it was nice meeting you line” and dove head first into a cab.  I yelled “get me out of here!” and made it home just in time for the finale of American Idol.  At least I got to see one winner that night.

My second time at The Bowery Hotel was overwhelmingly better than the first.  I actually love this place now.  It helps being with a guest of the hotel because you’re allowed to sit in the back patio where they have chairs and couches and fun gay waiters and amazing truffle pizza.  I also met the love of my life.  Dirty Martinis.  I’m not a huge vodka lover except for the buzz, but there’s something amazing about adding olives and olive juice to it.  My mom’s been trying to get me to drink these for years, but I never had the taste for it.  Well Mama, look at me now!

Led to…

In my defense, the flash was REALLY bright.

Saturday morning didn’t leave me so delighted to have found martini love, but I recovered fast and made my way to The Frying Pan for my friend Paige’s Birthday.  The Frying Pan is essentially a post-college grad’s heaven.  A Monty’s in NYC for all my college friends who read this. It is a bar on a boat docked at Hudson River Park on 12th ave at 26th St.  If day drinking is your thang, The Frying Pan will be your spot for the summer.  It was such a glorious day on Saturday that as we downed coronas with limes and rocked back and forth on the boat, I even got a bit of a sun burn.  That means I’ll be slightly tan for about .2 seconds.  Nice!  The day was made all the better because The Australian Football Club was throwing a private party on the boat so we were surrounded by hot Australian guys with their even hotter accents.  The words “Happy Birthday Paigey” have never sounded sexier.

Sunday was rainy and gross, but nothing ever really stops me from eating so I went to brunch with my cousin and sister.  We went to Jack Bistro & Bar on University at 11th St.  I ordered the Cobb Salad because as you all know, I’m not so into breakfast foods and it was just delightful.  I love when restaurants serve the cobb salad with all the toppings separated into their own little areas and not tossed together.  It just warms my slightly OCD heart.  They also have $3 mimosas and bloody marys so I ordered a bloody mary and reminisced about Playa del Carmen Spring Break ’08.  Aside from the brunch being really good, Jack has all you can eat mussels Mondays for $15.50!  I love a good challenge!  Must do that in the near future!  The rest of the day was pretty relaxing.  Got a mani/pedi,

Peach Daiquiri

drank some hot tea and read magazines, and then cooked steamed artichokes with bread crumbs, just like my mom makes. It was one of those great weekends that just ended too quickly.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


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